Restoration and Preservation of Native Species and Habitats

We Are The Green Line of Hope

We are an alliance of foresters, master gardeners, and agronomists who are seeking to save our dying world. We rebuild and restore public and private greenlands for all to enjoy.

We use cutting-edge technology coupled with old-school techniques to rebuild our natural world. Our exclusive technology allows us to identify and remove noxious invasives. However, we use simple hand tools to do most of the work, including when we work within forests.

We Combat Noxious Invasives

We Restore Natural Habitats

Mother nature is amazingly adaptive. We work within ecosystems to develop natural defenses against climate change and over use.

We Establish Native Species

Help the World and Learn About Invasives and Native Gardening


From Native Garbes to Sustainable Agriculture

8 Years Of Innovative Restorative Forestry and Agriculture

We don’t just design and develop plans to save the world. In woodlands and rivers, we are working every day to repair a century of destruction and neglect.

The greatest challenge to the natural world, and a growing threat to our economy, is the rise of invasive species. We have developed systems to eradicate these dangerous plants from both private and public spaces.

Our love of native flowers will turn your garden into a vibrant showcase for a better world. Our gardens are easy to care for and designed by a master gardener.

Farms are the first and best defense for a better tomorrow. We work with farmers to develop cost-effective ways to promote native biodiversity. Why Invasives are Not Weeds Some plants originating from across the globe have destroyed many of our beloved natural places.

Wildlife and pollinator certifications are available.

Restorative Forestry

Sustainable Agriculture

Native Gardens


They are the people working to save the world, one native habitat at a time.

Native Seeds

Native Seed Expert

Everything starts with the correct cultivars of native species. Timothy researches and isolates species that many believed were already lost.

Native Plants Renewal

Wildlife Restoration Director

Reconnect with nature, feel its freedom and enjoy the peace and quiet. Ashley works with our clients and allies to develop projects that reflect our values.

invasive vines

Native Forestry Expert

Hardcore forester and environmentalist, Tony works within damaged ecosystems for long-term restoration projects.