Impact of the Tree-of-Heaven and Spotted Lanternfly

The tree-of-heaven, scientifically known as Ailanthus altissima, is a deciduous tree whose origin is northeast and central China and Taiwan (Jackson and Gover). The tree of heaven, sometimes going by the name ailanthus, is believed to get its way into the United States in Pennsylvania in 1784, and since then, it has spread increasingly in […]

Japanese Knotweed

Characteristics, Effects, and Controls Japanese Knotweed, scientifically known as Fallopia japonica, is an Asian plant with a reputable ethnobotanical value among the Japanese. However, outside Asia, F. japonica is an invasive plant that ranks among the 100 worst invasive species as per IUCN. Bashtanova et al. describe the plant as a perennial rhizomatous herb originating […]

Impact of Invasive Plants in the Woodlands of the Eastern United States

The United States has since the 1960s worked hard and made significant progress in environmental protection. Before the 1990s, the state and the federal government have concentrated in weed control through the creation of pesticides, and more importantly, better management methods after chemical methods were found to endanger human health and the environment [1]. However, […]

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