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What We Do

Recover, Reclaim, Revert

Native Plants Renewal


In a time of great division, we want people to find peace in our country’s woodlands.  To walk upon a path is a simple pleasure, one that has countless benefits to the person, the community, and the world. 

 Through climate, invasive species, and plain neglect, it is a pleasure that is at risk of being lost.  Our vision is to turn the tide. We will restore our great nation’s forests and parks, acre by acre. We start in our country’s first capital, Philadelphia. 

Just as much as we want to restore nature, we want to restore hope even more.  We want to show how much is possible with a few committed people. We want to show how hard work on a small scale means a better world for all of us.  

Native Plants Renewal


We seek to revert a century’s worth of environmental degradation in our country’s woodlands.  Acre by acre we are returning damaged natural landscapes to their former glory. We are not looking to be policy wonks or be famous. We seek to effect change by doing, not talking. We are the boots on the ground in the fight against global warming.

Nature can only regain its equilibrium when native plants flourish. This means the removal of noxious and invasive species, which often choke off natural habitats. 

Our work takes years to become evident.  Most of our work won’t ever be known or seen by anyone outside the NotWeed Collective. And that is the point: to give without expectation of reward is the only true gift.